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A few of you already know this from watching our deviantart accounts, but most of you who just follow the comic probably don’t, our life is in a bit of a strange state of limbo right now. We have had to put pretty much everything on hold to take some emergency commissions to keep us going until the end of March. We are at the point where we have not been heating our apartment for the past 4 months (in -30 degree Canadian winter weather) and are without the money for rent next month. The kickstarter for our comic, Amaranthine Project: Avatar will be going through at the end of the month which will help us out with our situation a great deal. While we do have the next few pages started, we have not had time to complete them and we don’t know when we will be posting them. We are confident that it will not be this March, though we will continue to try to work on them while we can. We hope to be back on track with our lives in early to mid April. 

This Month’s Wallpaper:

For the reasons stated above, we obviously have not had time to do a nice, fully inked and coloured illustration, but wanted to give you guys something to thank you for your support. This month’s wallpaper is completely free, you do not have to donate to get it and we do not have a donation wallpaper for this month. Because of smackjeeves page size limits, the above is re-sized preview and you can download the full version for your desktop here:

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